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Hey, I’m
Steve Edson

based in Sheffield, UK.

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A little about me

I have a BSc in Information Systems with Business Studies and have over 16 years experience as a developer, I mainly specialise in Laravel and Vue.js, as well as other Node.js and PHP frameworks.

Additionally, I also have experience covering the full-stack, from provisioning infrastructure and servers with Terraform and Ansible, deploying applications on Docker, to creating Android apps and more.

Not sure what any of that means?

No problem, I have years of experience working alongside people who have a wide range of technical abilities. I can discuss your needs in plain english and work on a solution without all the technical mumbo-jumbo.

Ready to get started?

Fancy discussing your next project over the phone, a socially distanced coffee, or beer? Let's do this.

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“Steve is like your local postie - he always delivers. It's been a true pleasure working with him at bp. He's an Engineer that Delivery folk love to work with because he's pragmatic and business-minded. Just what you need in a high-pressure, high-stakes environment. He is a true team player who takes the lead in complex situations and always ensures that not just Engineers but all team members keep the end goal in mind. You won't find Steve with his headphones in; you'll find him collaborating, communicating and producing high-quality work. On a personal level, Steve is someone you want on your team to bring people together. He has a cracking sense of humour but is also emotionally intelligent. If you want someone to get the job done, educate stakeholders, mentor team members and create a good team atmosphere - Steve is your man!”

Jack Horton - Scrum Master


I've been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the largest multi-national companies in the world

  • KPMG
  • Castrol
  • HSBC
  • ADT
  • First Direct
  • Hermes
  • Hitachi
  • Keepmoat
  • Weight Watchers
  • University of Hull
  • Laura's Confectionery